Palestinians unveil gift of giant Mandela statue donated by the city of Johannesburg


PALESTINIANS on April 26th inaugurated a giant statue of Nelson Mandela donated by the South African city of Johannesburg to their political capital in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The six-metre two-tonne bronze statue was a gift from Johannesburg with which Ramallah is twinned. “I think that Nelson Mandela himself would have been extremely proud of what has been done today,” ...

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To Host Peres Is to Welcome Racism and War Criminals Rolled In One

At a time when South Africa is grappling with the demon of racism, one expects that greater sensitivity will be displayed by the beneficiaries of apartheid towards its victims. Instead we find that individuals and groups of diehard racists keep emerging to inflict pain and humiliation upon this country’s black majority. Reversal of the degradation of decades of oppression, is not always ...

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Sands of Palestine – New theatrical production


Sands of Palestine is the newest theatrical production by Green Light Productions. The play will run at the Seabrook Theatre, DHS, at the end of April 2016. The Green Light Productions duo consists of reknowned producers Yusuf Haffejee (Mercury Theatre Award nominee, Scriptwriter and Executive) and Farouk Hoosen Sayed (Actor, Producer, Director, Activist).  In their own words, they “aim to tell ...

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Israeli Apartheid Week – Get Involved


Sourced & copied directly from: Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) offers ordinary people around the world an opportunity to partake in an extra-ordinary and truly global campaign. There are IAW representatives responsible for organizing events in most major South African cities, towns and universities. Send us an email ( and we can put you in contact with the IAW representative in ...

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The Nakba: A Day to Remember


67 years ago, 15 May 1948, more than 700 000 Palestinians were forcibly removed and expelled from their homeland to pave the way for a Jewish State. Rape, pillage, slaughter were methods the Zionists used to drive Palestinians to flee for safety. Those that remained behind suffered and their progeny continues to suffer to this day. The erasure of Palestine and ...

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PRESS STATEMENT: NC4P Outraged at Israel’s denying a VISA to Minister Blade Nzimande


PRESS STATEMENT: THE NATIONAL COALITION FOR PALESTINE IS OUTRAGED AT ISRAEL’S DENYING A VISA TO MINISTER BLADE NZIMANDE Cape Town, 25 April 2015: The National Coalition 4 Palestine #NC4P expresses its outrage that the Israel government has denied a visa to the South African Minister of Higher Education Dr Blade Nzimande, to visit Palestine with an official delegation. In practical ...

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Outrage after S African minister denied entry to Israel

Johannesburg, South Africa – The government of South Africa has expressed outrage after Israel’s decision to deny a visa to Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande. Clayson Monyela, Deputy Director General of Department of International Relations and Cooperation, told Al Jazeera on Thursday the Israeli government needed to offer a reason for the snubbing. “We are taking it up through the proper ...

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From A Palestinian Politician Perspective inside Israel

You may have heard these a few hundred times when discussing Palestine and Israel. “There are Arabs in the Knesset, how do you explain that if it isn’t a democracy?” “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”. But if different laws exist based upon race, religion or ethnicity then clearly it is not a democracy. Awad Abdel Fattah ...

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The End Justifies the Means


By Quanita Diaz – 9 April 2015 The world and sporting fraternities took a stand against Apartheid South Africa which lead to a sports ban. 1970 was a bad year for South Africa, depending on which side of the fence you sat, when several motions of exclusion went against the Apartheid Regime. In that year the International Olympic Committee (IOC) formally expelled ...

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Palestine in Motion

Mohammed & Fahiem Hoosen, Faizel Badroodeen & Shiraz Tayob

By Quanita Diaz – 08 March 2015 With nearly 35000 race entries, a colourful river of cyclists filled the streets to start the 38th Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015. Many cyclists sported corporate-sponsored attire whereas other cyclists were kitted out in charitable organisation attire or awareness raising attire. Kwadukuza Cycling Club hails from Stanga, KwaZulu-Natal. Clothed in Free Palestine attire were ...

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